I believe in the power of stories. For stories can transform our world. ​

I’ve traveled the world driven by a great sense of curiosity on a quest to harness an understanding of human relations and how stories connect with our strongest and most intimate emotions — seamlessly crafting my own definition of storytelling: the thing that people and images communicate in the most natural and authentic way, through the poetry of words, sounds, and moving colors. 

As a 20-year-old Venezuelan studying Economics,

I discovered film photography when I found a 1978s Minolta camera in a second-hand shop in Berlin. Right at that moment, I was awakened to a whole new world full of light, colors, and often smiles. When you leave your home country, it feels like the whole world opens up just for you to enjoy and nurture. After traveling to more than 20 countries, and by living in five different cultures (Venezuela, Germany, Spain, Chile and now Mexico), meeting wonderful people and places along the way, I realized I want to immerse myself in human stories, and depict their meaning through the art of film. My dream is to witness and tell, whether in narrative or documentary style, those inspiring stories of unseen heroes. Stories that highlight the most intrinsic beauty of all: the human condition. 

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